About_LPerryLorraine Perry has acted as my property manager for over 20 years. I travel frequently and have always trusted Lorraine knowing that she would keep a watchful eye on my property and handle any problems that should arise. When I am away, Lorraine checks the interior of the property, takes in the mail and newspapers, receives any packages and puts them in a secure location.

She makes sure the yard irrigation system is working properly and waters any flower boxes or planters that need extra attention. She checks on the functioning of the pool, makes sure the skimmers are clean and the salt level is stable. She also maintains my fish pond and feeds the koi while I am gone.

I find Lorraine to be completely trustworthy and reliable and would be happy to recommend her to anyone else.

- Bill and Frank


Simply put, Lorraine Perry has made it feasible and pleasurable for us to own a second home in Charleston. We never would have kept our house as long as we have nor enjoyed it as much as we have if we had not had the good fortune to meet Lorraine and benefit from her excellent services. For over fifteen years (including three long-term rental periods), Lorraine has helped us with matters ranging from major repair work to housecleaning and everything in between. Lorraine is efficient and reliable. She notices what needs to be done and then does it. Truth be told, Lorraine takes better care of our house than we would. We strongly recommend Lorraine for any and all of your property management needs.

- Amy and Rob


Lorraine Perry has been the property manager for out rental unit for the last year. I can attest to the rapid resolutions of all issues relating to living in a historic building in Charleston. Her response to problems were swift and thorough and her network of contractors and service representatives seems to be vast. Her experience as a small business owner has instilled the necessity for good customer relations.

Since we have moved to Charleston, Lorraine has proven to be resourceful and helpful, sharing her innate knowledge of the city. She has directed us to restaurants, outings and numerous sites of interest for both my wife and myself as well as our visitors and family members.

She has also kept us apprised of any events of interest and any issues that are relevant to becoming residents of Charleston.

- Lynn and Tom